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Investing in property

Investing in Property

Australians are big fans of investing in residential property and here at Irwin Financial Solutions, we can help build your wealth through bricks and mortar. For long term growth and regular, tax friendly rent returns….this could well be the path for you.

However, before you consider this option you must:

  1. Evaluate your financial position and whether you can afford an investment property, especially during periods of vacancy.
  2. Be able to afford a quality property that will attract reliable tenants and is in a potential growth area?
  3. Commit to the knowledge that an investment property is a long term prospect.
  4. Be able to utilise the equity in your home to finance your investment or have a suitable deposit.

 We can help you to calculate these factors.

 As a rental property is a substantial financial commitment, the one key ingredient for success is planning. If you take the time to plan and get good advice you’ll achieve great results.

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